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How to pass values from parent workflow to Subwork flow.

Hi, @emcsnow You can create variables from  Workflow Action > Edit Inputs Refer the attached screenshot Create variables as required and to pass values from Parent WF to Child WF follow the steps in Pass a variable from a workflow to a subflow

Unable to add custom logo in workspace

I was able to achieve this. Please find the below steps to add logo to your custom workspace in Quebec version: 1. Navigate to your custom workspace. Click configure workspace. 2. Which will open UX App Configuration in native view. In the related list click on themes 3. Open Starter workspace theme. In related list of…

How to set the outage end date with incident resolved date plus 24 hrs

Hi, to add 24hours you need to use addDays(1) Updated script below 1) since your BR runs when state changes to Resolved; so you can add 1 Day to the current time i.e. 24hours

Convert UI Page as PDF and Download

Hi, Please refer the below link