ServiceNow Creation of a Dashboard/homepage

Creation of new Dashboard

Create a dashboard to show the most relevant indicators for specific users or groups.
You can create separate dashboards according to topic, for example, for incident management, problem management, or request management.
Roles required: pa_admin, pa_power_user, or admin
⦁ Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboard Administration.
⦁ Click New.

⦁ Enter a descriptive Name. For example, Incidents Dashboard.
⦁ Add the dashboard to a Group. Groups organize dashboards in the dashboard picker under Performance Analytics > Dashboards
⦁ Enter an Order number to indicate the order the dashboard should appear on the dashboards choice list. Dashboards with lower numbers are listed before dashboards with higher numbers.
⦁ Select Active to make the dashboard available in the dashboards choice list.
⦁ (Optional) Select No tabs to disable the tab header.
Dashboards with the tab header disabled can display only one tab. You cannot add additional tabs to the dashboard if you select this option.
⦁ Submit the form.

Creation of new homepage

Users with at least one role can create new personal homepages that are visible to themselves.
You can create a completely new personal homepage with no content on it, or you can create a new homepage that uses the content of an existing page. Either way, the personal homepage is only visible to you by default unless the administrator makes your homepage global.
⦁ Navigate to Self-Service > Homepage to open your current homepage.
⦁ Click the new page icon.

⦁ Add content as needed.

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