ServiceNow Creation or Modification of a Report

Create and Modify Report:

Procedure to Create Report:

⦁ Navigate to Reports > Create New. Or navigate to Reports > View / Run and then click New.

⦁ Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
⦁ Click Save.

Report options

Use the report options menu above any report to manage the report. For example, you can save, share, publish, or export the report.

Procedure to Modify Report:

⦁ Navigate to Reports > View / Run.
⦁ You can filter the Reports list with the following tabs:
⦁ My reports: displays reports that you created.
⦁ Group: displays reports that you created, reports that have been shared with you, and reports that have been shared with the groups you are a member of. You can view additional information about an individual group report by pointing to the report icon.
⦁ Global: displays reports to users who have the itil role.
⦁ All: displays global reports, group reports, and my reports.

⦁ All users can view the following columns on their Reports list.
Table: displays the table the report is based on.
Type: displays an icon indicating the type of report. For example, pie, bar, list, and so on.
Created by: displays the user who created the report.
Last modified: displays the date and time the report was last modified.

⦁ Click the edit icon beside the report name.

⦁ Modify the fields, as appropriate.
⦁ Click Save.

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