ServiceNow Export and Import Records


Exporting and importing data in XML files is commonly used for records created in a development instance that must be migrated with the update sets.

Export Records as XML Data:

To export multiple records as XML data:

⦁ Login as an admin user.
⦁ Sign in to the instance that contains the source data.
⦁ Navigate to the list you want to export.
⦁ [Optional] Filter the list, if desired.
⦁ Right-click the list header and select Export > XML.

⦁ In the export progress dialog box, click Download when the export completes. Depending on browser and settings, a dialog box may prompt you to save the file, or the browser may automatically save the XML file to the downloads folder specified in the browser preferences.

Import Records as XML Data:

After you have successfully exported data from the source instance, you can import the XML file directly to the target instance. Importing XML does not trigger business rules or update the instance cache. You need the security_admin role to import records.

To import an XML file containing one or more records:

⦁ Sign in as an admin to the instance that should receive the data.
⦁ Navigate to any list in the system.
Any list can be used because the XML file contains the destination table name for the records.
⦁ Right-click the list header and select Import XML.

⦁ In the import screen, click Choose File and select the previously exported XML file.

⦁ Click Upload.

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