ServiceNow UI Policy


UI policies offer an alternative to client scripts for dynamically changing information on a form. Administrators and users with the Personalize Rules [personalize_rules] or the UI policy administrator [ui_policy_admin] role can use UI policies to define custom process flows for tasks.

Creating a UI Policy:

Create UI policies to dynamically change information on a form. You can create UI policies for tables, for tables that are in a different scope than the UI policy record, you can create UI policy actions only for fields in the same scope as the UI policy, and you cannot make a field mandatory or define scripts.

Procedure to Create:

  • Navigate to System UI > UI Policies.
  • Click New.
  • Select the Table Name in Table field.
  • Fill the Short description field.
  • Click update. Now the form will be reload.

  • Below the Related list UI Policy Action will be there. Click New to create new UI Policy Action.
  • In this form select the Field Name which we want to make Mandatory, Visible or Read only.
  • Choose the field values Mandatory, Visible or Read only as your condition.

  • Click Submit to apply UI Policy Action.
  • Update the UI Policy.
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