ServiceNow Update Set Management


An update set is a group of customizations that can be moved from one instance to another. For example, a set of enhancements to incident management can be grouped in an update set called Incident Management 2.0. While Incident Management 2.0 is marked as the current update set, all changes are tracked in it.

Creating Update Sets:

To create a new update set:
⦁ Navigate to System Update Sets > Local Update Sets and click New.
⦁ Enter update set details.
⦁ Click Submit to create the update set.

Select an Update Set:

Update sets track changes as you develop. Follow this procedure to specify the update set that should collect the updates that you make:
⦁ Open the Settings panel.

⦁ Select the desired update set from the Update Set picker.
⦁ Now, any customization that you perform on a tracked table is recorded by the update set.

Viewing Changes in an Update Set:

Follow this procedure to see the customizations that make up an update set:
⦁ Navigate to System Update Sets > Local Update Sets.
⦁ Select the update set name.
⦁ View the Customer Updates related list.
You can compare any update to the current version. Right-click the update record and select Compare to Current.

Merging Update Sets:

You can merge multiple update sets into one update set to simplify the transfer process.

To merge update sets:

⦁ Navigate to System Update Sets > Merge Update Sets. By default, the list is filtered to show only update sets that are in progress.
Alternatively, navigate to System Update Sets > Merge Completed Sets. By default, the list is filtered to show only update sets that are in the Complete state. For example, you may want to use this filter after pushing changes or transferring update sets from a development to a test instance.
⦁ Filter the list to show only the update sets that you want to merge.

⦁ Enter a Name for the new update set. Updates are added to this set when the original sets are merged.
⦁ [Optional] Enter a Description for the update set.
⦁ Click Merge.

Mark an Update Set as Complete:

When you have completed the customizations and compared local update sets to resolve conflicts, mark the update set as Complete.

Note: Mark an update set as Complete only when it is ready to migrate. Once an update set is complete, do not change it back to In progress. Instead, create another update set for the rest of the changes, and be sure to commit them together in the order that they were created. Naming conventions may help in this case (for example, Performance Enhancements and Performance Enhancements 2).

⦁ Open the update set record.
⦁ Change the State of the update set from In progress to Complete.

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