Setup ServiceNow User Account and Group

Setup User Account

In our instance we can add new users to allow them to log in and use the features. Admin or user_admin can create the new users.

Procedure to Setup New Account

To setup the new user account,

  • Navigate to User Administration > Users
  • Click New.

Fields in New Account Setup Form

    • User ID – User ID is the identifier for the user. User can login to their instance by using this User ID. You cannot create a new user whose User ID duplicates an existing user.
    • First Name- First name for the user.
    • Last Name- Last name for the user.
    • Title- Job description for the user. We can add manually or select one from the list.
    • Department- Select the user’s department from the list.
    • Password- Assign a password to the user. This will be the login password. This password can be modify.
    • Password needs reset- This chick box will require the user to change the password during the first login.
    • Locked out- This chick box will lock the user out of the instance and terminate all their active sessions. The system prevents users with the admin role from locking themselves out.
    • Email- Email id for the user.
    • Date format- We can choose the date format for the user.
    • Time Zone- Choose the time zone for the user.
    • Business phone- Enter the Business phone number for the user.
    • Mobile phone- Enter the Mobile phone number for the user.
    • Photo- Attach the photo for the user.
  • Click Submit with the with the details to create the new user.

Password Reset

We can reset user password in our instance. Admin or password_reset_admin or password_reset_service_desk can reset the user password.

Note: We must enable the Public access in “Service-Desk Password Reset for Local ServiceNow” to enable the service desk-assisted process by navigate Password Reset > Processes.

Procedure to Reset Password

  • Navigate to Password Reset > Service Desk.

  • Select the user from the lookup list to reset the password. And select the process “Service-Desk Password Reset for Local ServiceNow”.
  • Click Verify Identity.

  • Select Accept to move next stage.

  • Click the Reset Password button to reset the password. This will auto generate the password.

  • After reset the password, Login this user by login ID. In Current Password use the auto generated password and change the password in New Password field.

Create a User Group

We can create a user group for the users with the roles. The role user_admin or itil can create a user group.

Procedure to Create a User Group

  • Navigate to User Administration > Groups.
  • Click New to create group.

Fields in Group Table

      1. Name- Name of the group
      2. Manager- Manager for the new group
      3. Email- Email for the new group
      4. Parent- Parent group for the new group.
  • Click Submit to create the new group.

Add User to Group

Add a user’s to a group so the users can get the roles from the group.

Procedure to Add User to Group

  • Navigate to User Administration > Groups.
  • Select the group to add the users.

  • In the Group Members related list, click Edit.

  • From the slushbucket list we can add multiple users to the group and click save to add selected users to the group.

Assign a role to a group

We can assign a role to a group to grant access to applications and modules to group members. The role user_admin or admin can modify or assign a role to the group.

Procedure to Assign a role to Group

  • Navigate to User Administration > Groups.

  • Select the group which we want to assign the role, from the group list.

  • Click the edit button from the Role tab

  • From the slushbucket list we can add multiple roles and click save to apply the role changes to the group.


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